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Fashion trends:your favourite

Author:    Date:14/10/15    Visits:

 It's a tried-and-true street-style tactic: The weirder your bag, the more likely you are to get noticed by a photographer. And, judging from the street-style stars who blanketed New York, London, Milan, and Paris this month, we appear to have reached a tipping point for kooky, semi-ironic clutches. 
Anna Dello Russo naturally led the charge, carrying a ham-hock bag by the Rodnik Band and a sushi-adorned clutch. Others opted for strange, completely out-out-context sayings, like Anya Ziourova's clutch that featured a car clasp and the word vroom and Elisa Nalin's Fire clutch. But if there was a clear winner for quirkiest designer, it would be Anya Hindmarch, who put everything from googly eyes to smiley faces on her bags and clutches. Click ahead to see the 40 wackiest bags from fashion month.