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The difference between PVC, PU leather and leather

Author:Alice Luo    Date:15/03/26    Visits:
You want to know how to distinguish PVC, PU and leather it? Specializing in the production of bags Bag Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Kang Jiaxu will tell you the answer!

    Recently, many customers ask me, in the end PU leather is what is it?
    Many buyers ask: "PVC, PU, what is the difference between it and the dermis where we take a look at it?!
    Leatherette is the first invention of substitutes for leather fabric, which is made of PVC plasticizers and other additives composite rolling on the cloth, the advantage is cheap, rich colors, patterns and more, the disadvantage is easy to harden, brittle.
    PU synthetic leather is used instead of PVC artificial leather, its price is higher than the PVC artificial leather. From the chemical structure, it is closer to the cortex of fabric, it does not need to achieve the soft nature of the plasticizer, so he will not harden, become brittle, while rich with color, pattern variety of advantages, the price off than leather fabric cheap, so be welcomed by consumers. Simply put, PU is a man-made synthetic material with a leather texture, very durable, and inexpensive. Advantages: A B toughness C light can be made corresponding good waterproof breathable D E absorbent easily expanded or deformed F environment. Cons: not as good as wear-resistant and breathable leather.
    Leather: animal skins after processing belts made of fabric. Advantages: A C B wearing toughness, good air permeability. Disadvantages: A weight (single area) B component is a protein C-absorbent easily expanded or deformed.
    Leather fabric and PVC leather, PU synthetic leather to distinguish between two ways:
First, by using the difference between the back of the fabric, the method is PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather back is generally cloth (or knit cloth) will be able to see it with the eyes ; the second is used to distinguish the burning melting method, the method is to take a small piece of fabric over the fire, leather fabric will not melt, and PVC leather, PU synthetic leather will melt.
    PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather difference:
You can use gasoline soaked difference method, the method is to use a small piece of fabric, put gasoline in half an hour, then remove, if it is PVC artificial leather, it will harden, become brittle, if PU synthetic leather is, it will not harden, become brittle.